FinNuclear Association is working in the following areas:


Various events, company visits and joint appearances in events, which are in line with the Association’s purpose, are arranged in order to promote networking. Main products and competences of FinNuclear Association member companies are presented in FinNuclear Directory publication and on the Internet Connections with the Association’s stakeholders are maintained internationally, nationally, and locally.


Training that serves the purpose of the Association is organised at cost price for members. Non-members are also able to participate with a certain price.

Follow-up of nuclear field and communication

Events and projects of FinNuclear Association’s interest are followed centrally. “FinNuclear Association Newsletter” are compiled and sent to members electronically. 

Association’s website is maintained for the Association members and stakeholders. FinNuclear Association’s activities are presented in industrial conferences and magazines.

Development activities

FinNuclear Association implements research and development projects in nuclear energy field.

Service company, FinNuclear Ltd's activities

FinNuclear Association's fully owned service company provides preaudit service for companies. Target of the preaudit is to compare and find differences between company`s existing quality management system and requirements in the nuclear energy industry. Contact for more information.