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ASME NQA-1 Training

Training is primarily for members of FinNuclear Association

Training will be held in English.

and place

  • NQA-1 Overview Training: 16.4-17.4.2012
            Wärtsilä Corporation
            John Stenbergin ranta 2
            00530 Helsinki

  • NQA-1 Lead Auditor Training: 18.4-19.4.2012
            Hilton Helsinki Strand
            John Stenbergin ranta 4
            00530 Helsinki


ASME NQA-1 training provides an overview and interpretation of nuclear industry standard ASME NQA-1-Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications.

Lead Auditor Training allows participants to meet the requirements for training and examination for Nuclear Lead Auditors.

More information from trainers' website, Arsenal Consulting

FinNuclear Association members
 Overview Training
1000 € + VAT 23%
 Lead Auditor Training
500 € + VAT 23%

 Overview Training 1300 € + VAT 23%
 Lead Auditor Training 700 € + VAT 23%